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All about Prague sightseeing and information.

These and any custom Prague Tours and other tours are PRIVATE – only you. Please choose which Prague Sightseeing tour would suit you best or let us know if you need a custom tour.  There is lots of Prague information as well.

The tour times are up to you.  You decide when you want to go on your Prague Sightseeing tour.  Most Prague tours start at 9:00 am or 2:00 pm though so you have the other half of the day to explore on your own.  Please check out the Prague information – Prague in a nutshell, for more on Prague.

Afternoon tours are usually less crowded so if you like to sleep in, we would suggest an afternoon tour.

When you need the best Prague sightseeing possible, we suggest these Prague tours.  You get the most Prague information on history, important sites, friendly service and much more.

Routing and timing will depend on where we start the tour, i.e., your chosen accommodation or preferred starting point.

Please note, places visited may be changed due to unforseen circumstances such as unscheduled closures, etc. We ask for your understanding. Thank you. 



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