Prague PG Guides – Our Private Guides

 Our private guides are professionals who had to take special courses, lasting many months, to get their “Prague Guide Credentials“.

In addition, they all have higher education – some having PHDs and other degrees.  They are carefully chosen for their customer service, language and local knowledge skills by us.  They love their city and country and will be happy to share it with you.

Below are some of them with their language skills, besides Czech of course, arranged alphabethically by first name.  Please click on their name to find out more about each one.

They all have the required Prague Guide credentials.

Please be aware that some languages are more exotic such as Chinese (Mandarin), Korean and Japanese and therefore cost more.  Please inquire about the guide cost directly at  Thank you. Prague PG

Some people ask a question about the difference between a guide, driver and driver/guide.  We do realise that in some other cities guides drive the vehicle that is being used on a tour.  However, Prague Private Guides does not offer driver/guides in the Czech Republic with a few exceptions.

Who is …..

A professional, local guide is a person who has at least  some higher education, most have university degrees, doctorates, PHDs and more!  They speak at least one other language besides their native tongue and usually more.  They also have a license in guiding in Prague that can only be obtained after completing a several month course in Prague history.  They may or may not have a drivers license.

A profesional driver is a person that has a professional drivers license.  They do not require anything else to drive a car or van.

The traffic conditions in the Czech Republic and especially in Prague make it very difficult to concentrate on the road and the customer at the same time.  One or the other must suffer … either the driving is not very safe or the guiding is not very good.  Therefore, we leave the driving to the drivers and the guiding to the guides.