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Prague Private Guides
Prague, Czech Republic
Blanka M. Lukes
Managing director and guide

 we may be at the computer and if you use SKYPE also, it’s a free call!

We are also on WHATSAPP with 00420 604 729 451.

Tel.: +420 – 222 518 259
Tel.: +420 – 604 729 451 hotline – mobile phone

Skype:  Praguepg

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Due to AOLs high spam controls, occassionally, we have a problem receiving emails.  It is not sent on and the sender receives an email stating that the email he/she sent to is undeliverable.  If this happends to you, please send us your request again to secondary email address.  We also check it daily.  Thank you!

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Prague, as well as the Czech Republic, along with Vienna, Paris, Rome, Budapest, Warsaw and other cities in Central Europe, is on Central European Time, that means that it is:

1 hour ahead of England
6 hours ahead of New York
9 hours ahead of Los Angeles
7 hours behind Singapore
8 hours behind Tokyo
10 hours behind Sydney

Just add or deduct the above hours from your present local time and location to get the time in Prague or visit this great site for more details.